Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Welcome 2019-20 Choir Students and Parents

It's going to be a fantastic year for our Lone Peak choirs!

This year, Ms. Johnson has changed things up a bit. She combined some choirs and made room for another. This year's choirs include the following:

A1 Show Choir
A2 Chamber Choir
A3 Concert Choir
B7 A Cappella
B8 AP Music Theory

If you're new to Lone Peak choirs, you're in for a treat. Ms. Johnson, known lovingly to the students as Mama J, will help our kids improve their vocal and performance skills. Listen and watch for how your student's choir improves over the course of the year as they learn to blend their voices.

Mama J's choirs have won countless awards over the years and have sung in concert halls from coast to coast. Last year, both the Chamber and A Cappella choirs sang in Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Please consider getting involved this year by joining our parent support board. We meet monthly and work to support all the many activities the choir students are involved in. You can contact us at 

We look forward to knowing and loving your students!


Bruce & Marilyn Bunderson
Parent Support Board Presidents