Thursday, December 1, 2016

Payment Schedule for 2017 A Cappella Choir tour

A Cappella Choir Tour Revised
Payment Schedule, 2017

September 9                                                    $  50 and Consent and Authorization Form
November 18                                                  $200
December 16                                                   $200
January 27                                                       $150
February 24                                                     $100
March 24                                                         $100
                                                                   Refund Policy
Once the Authorization Form is turned in, arrangements will be made based on those numbers.  Students who drop the tour between November 30, 2016 and December 30, 2016 (90 days prior) will be responsible for $100.00 for non-refundable tickets already purchased. Students who drop before January 30, 2017 (60 days prior) will be responsible for $350.00 (as above plus festival and hotel penalties). Students who drop before March 1, 2017 (30 days prior) will be responsible for $500 (as above plus festival and hotel penalties). Absolutely no refund will be given for students or chaperones who drop within 30 days of the tour (after March 1, 2017), regardless of the amount of money paid to that point.  The entire cost of the tour will be charged to the student/chaperone and must be paid in full.
Payments must be made on time according to the schedule.  If a payment is more than one week late and acceptable arrangements have not been made, it will be assumed that the student or chaperone will not be going on tour.


Yard Sale (concluded Sept., 2016)
BYU Concessions (concludes Nov., 2016)
Portion of the net from Madrigal Feaste (Dec., 2016)
Advertisements in Vocal Point program

Equal portion of gate from Vocal Point concert (March, 2017)

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