Monday, September 12, 2016

BYU Concessions Fund Raiser (2016-17)

Parents and Students,

We are now able to start scheduling the BYU Concessions fund raising opportunities. We ask that every student in A Cappella and Chamber try to volunteer for at least two events (the games or the cleanup) if possible.  The money earned will be divided up and given to you who help out. If parents or siblings help their time will be credited toward the student. We've had kids earn almost all of their tour expenses at the BYU Concessions stand.

We have two opportunities right now available and we need you to sign up ASAP.

September 15th. (Stand cleanup)
We need 10 people for this Thursday, six students and four adults. It will only take a few hours. 

September 17th (UCLA Game)
We need 33 students and four adults. This is a big game and we expect to have a large crowd and make a lot of money.

We set up a Google doc that you can use to signup. 

You can also click on the link at the right side of the page in the Fund Raising Opportunities box.

Go get the money!

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