Saturday, April 11, 2015

2015-16 Chamber Choir


We get the great pleasure to announce next year's Chamber Choir. We've talked to Lois throughout the entire process this year, and she told us that a lot of talented students auditioned for next year's choir. We've worked with her for six years now and know how difficult it is for her to form this choir. She really appreciates and loves all of her choirs each of her choir kids.

So, without further delay. Here it is!!!

Anderson, Nicole
Beutler, Landon
Bringhurst, Julienne
Brodie, Ben
Broekhuijsen, Garrett
Bunderson, Lizz
Christensen, Sami
Davis, Emily
Fitisemanu, Sala
Fluckiger, Stephanie
Fonbuena, Lindcee
Fuller, Harrison
Hall, Lauren
Hansen, Emma
Henry, Emily
Hogan, McKenzie
Hopkins, Lexie
Jorgensen, Colin
Karren, Austin
Keetch, Cameron
Lewis, Jennifer
Lloyd, Lindsay
Lundquist, Caden
Mahler, Kade
Martin, Adam
McGee, Harper
McGill, Lydia
Merrifield, Alex
Mickelson, Robert
Mickelson, Trevor
Ogden, Hannah
Peterson, Matthew
Pew, Em
Pflueger, Jared
Price, Christian
Rice, Andrew
Robinson, Jacie
Rowley, Tyson
Rydalch, Tori
Spencer, Addie
Tanner, Phoebe
Taylor, Nathan
Tonks, Amanda
Utley, Sampson
Welch, Donovan
Williams, Chaz
Williams, Hayden

To all who didn't make it into Chamber next year, we hope you continue to sing with the choirs. 

Bruce and Marilyn Bunderson