Thursday, September 25, 2014

BYU Concessions Fund Raiser

Choir students and parents,

The Chamber and A Cappella choirs have exciting tours planned for next Spring. If all goes according to plan Chamber is going to New York City and A Cappella is going to Washington D.C. These will both be amazing experiences for the kids, chaperones and leaders.

Ms. Johnson (Mama) has shared with both choirs and their parents the details of these tours and the anticipated costs. We recognize that they are expensive and so have set up several fund raisers to help minimize the impact on your families.

The BYU Concessions fund raiser is a great opportunity to earn money, have fun and be with the choir. LPHS choirs is manning the concession stand S109, a large stand in the Southeast corner of the football stadium. We will be there for each home game. We will also help out at about four basketball games in the Marriott Center.

We encourage each student and willing parent to help out. We've made a google doc sign up sheet online. If you haven't already, go out and sign up for a slot.

Click here to access the google doc.

Everyone who wishes to participate must go through either the online training or be taught in class. Once you're trained go sign up. If the slots are full and you want to still help out you can contact Ginny Rainsdon or Michelle Ririe and they can see if there's a way we can help. We haven't posted the basketball sign ups so you should still have a chance to participate.

Please take advantage of all of our fund raisers and you will be surprised at how much it will help lower the cost.

Go Knights!

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