Saturday, June 21, 2014

2014-15 A Cappella Tour Announced

Breaking News!!!!

The 2014-15 A Cappella Choir will be flying to Washington D.C. to tour the capital and surrounding area in mid to late April 2015. This will be an outstanding opportunity for the kids to learn more about our beautiful country, to see historic sites and to sing in an excellent venue.

We encourage you to start preparing now by participating in the fundraising events we have set up. We are starting with BYU Concessions support. The first opportunity to sign up for BYU concessions is the Fourth of July Freedom Festival. Look at your email to find out how to sign up.

Our annual yard sale will be on two Saturdays in September. Start collecting things to sell NOW. Talk to family, friends, or neighbors who might be moving, taking stuff to the D.I. or who might donate items for you to sell.

We'll also sell ad space in our concert programs. Talk to people you know who might want to advertise their company, their goods or talk about how amazing you are. Think of the possibilities. Just remember it must comply with school policies.

It's going to be another amazing choir year at Lone Peak. Get ready to make a lot of new friends, develop your singing talents and travel the nation.

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