Friday, April 18, 2014

To all of the very talented singers who auditioned for Chamber Singers:

To all of the very talented singers who auditioned for Chamber Singers:

This has been an impossible task! That is why it has taken so long!! You are all so talented and so qualified in so many ways. I don’t know when I have had as difficult a time in choosing singers for Chamber as I had this year. The level of talent is extraordinary and everyone performed exceptionally well. Please know that there are many elements that must be considered when placing singers in a small choir like Chamber. It is vital to consider each voice in terms of its size, weight, color, and timbre in order to ensure a good blend. Many who tried out are fabulous soloists and do well in a large choir where you can “let it out”. From the
standpoint of a singer and voice teacher, I know how frustrating it can be (as well as damaging to a voice) to pull it back to fit into a small ensemble. At the same time, some with smaller, lighter voices can be either “eaten alive” by the bigger voices or can be damaged by trying to “be” a bigger voice. (A whale can beat a minnow any time; but even if the minnow tries to imitate a whale, it will still be “eaten alive” because it is really still a minnow). It is a most challenging exercise to choose a choir that will blend together and balance one another.

To those of you who were not selected for Chamber, please know of my deep love and respect for you. In my eyes you are all winners, fabulous singers, and extraordinary people. I did not hear anyone that didn't impress me in every way. I appreciate your support and desire to make the choirs at Lone Peak High School second to none. Please come sing in A Cappella Choir next year. We need your talent and leadership so much. With the level of amazing talent that I’ve heard, we can do some really extraordinary and unbelievable things next year.

Thanks for being my kids. I love you.

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