Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Great Parent Tour Meetings

Last night the parents of the A Cappella and Chamber choir students met with Ms. Johnson to discuss the upcoming tours to New York City next February 27 - March 1st. Thanks to the many who attended. At the meeting Mama J (Ms. Johnson) went over the tour itineraries and answered questions about the tours and the the expenses related to them. (Parents, your students should have brought home an itinerary and approval forms already.)

She also handed out the consent form that must be completed by each student who plans to go on tour. These forms must be completed and signed by both the parent and the student and returned to Mama by September 14th.

In the meeting we also discussed several fund raising opportunities. Two are happening right now.
1. Search for Sponsors: We're recruiting sponsors to donate to the Alpine School District Foundation. Julie Page and Beckie Branscomb are leading this effort. Hopefully everyone who went to the meeting took with them the donation packet that they made that explains the process. For those who didn't attend the forms can be downloaded from the sponsorships links on the right.

2. Yard sales. With both A Cappella and Chamber going to New York we've expanded the yard sale fundraiser to three different weekends with a choir assigned to each one.
  • September 8th - Chamber Choir
  • September 22nd - B6 A Cappella Choir
  • September 29th - B7 A Cappella Choir
Please go to your neighbors and collect any items they wish to donate or may wish to give to the DI and be ready to bring them on your weekend. If you can't make it on your assigned day let us know and we'll assign you to another day.

We hope that everyone can go on tour and are working to minimize the financial burden on all who participate in these fundraisers.


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