Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fireworks Schedule and Information

Our fundraising committee is starting things off with a bang. We're going to run a fireworks tent in the parking lot of LPHS.

The schedule is online. Click the link to open:

Fireworks Tent Staffing Schedule

Dear Parents and Students,

We are starting our first group fundraiser for the summer. It will be a fireworks tent that we will run for a good percentage of the sales. The tent will be located in the LPHS parking lot near the entrances to the Choir and Band rooms. Our fundraising committee has examined many different options and has found that a fireworks tent is a lucrative activity. It will take some time but the returns are quite nice. Granted, when we did this we weren't expecting Utah to start to burn up with fires. But, as there haven't been any cancellations of fireworks yet we must still plan to proceed. If they're cancelled we'll let you know as soon as possible.

 If you would like to participate and earn money for this fundraisers we'll need your help. Only those who participate in this event will be eligible to receive money from the event.

For all those who want to participate we ask the you attend a training session next Tuesday, June 26th at 7:00 pm at the Choir room. At the training you'll learn how to sell the fireworks, ways to bundle the sales, what each firework looks like and other useful information. If you can't make it to the training session and still want to help you can. We'll get you up to speed as you work. Nothing like a little on the job training.

The fireworks tent will be delivered and set up on June 26-27th. We'll start selling on June 28th. We need people to help man the tent. We'll need both adults and students. We've divided the times we'll be actively selling into four hour blocks. During those blocks we'll need at least 6 people at the tent. Two adults will be needed to man the cash register and the credit card machine. The other four can be either adults or students who will help sell the product, wave signs, help with parking, watch for shoplifters, etc. As this is the first year we've run this type of fundraiser we're still working out the kinks so those who come may be asked to help in a variety of ways.

We'll also be selling over the week of July 24th. We'll send out more information once we get it.

We started a sign-up sheet at our Parent meeting yesterday and so many of you have already signed up. Thank you! We hope to fill up the remaining open spots as quickly as possible. We ask that if you want to participate that you sign up for at least four shifts (one person for four shifts, two people for two, four for one, and so forth). That way we can make sure to divide the money up for those that really participate.

You'll notice that on the first day (the 28th) that we aren't asking for as many people. That's because we anticipate a lighter sales day. On Sunday we won't be selling so we only need 1-2 people for each shift. The reason for this is because we can't leave the tent unattended when we have the fireworks on display. That's why you'll also see that we need 1-2 people to sleep in the tent during the night shifts. Just a note, if the cell has xxxxx's in it we won't need someone for that time.

 For all of you who have already signed up please look at the list and confirm that we got the correct spelling and contact information.

Sorry about the long post. As I mentioned this is a complex event but also should be very good for the students who participate. We have flyers that you can deliver around your neighborhoods or post on your Facebook.

We hope that all of you advertise this as much as possible since this is a great cause and will help reduce tour costs.

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