Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chamber Choir 2012-13

Congratulations to all who tried out and to next year's choir! Before I put up the names of those in next year's choir I want to share some comments from Ms. J. I know you'll probably look at the names first but please come back and read this before you leave the page.

"This has been an impossible task.  All who tried out showed such wonderful talent and ability.  Making this list has been the hardest thing I’ve had to do all year because I know that some very talented and wonderful young men and women are not included, and that breaks my heart.  This task of putting together a choir where the voices match up and will work well together is challenging, and I always hope I listen carefully and get it right.  To those of you who are not on this list, know of my love for you and the depth of admiration I have for you.  You are all my kids, and always will be.  There may be some other avenues that will be available to you to explore, and those avenues may take you in a direction you hadn’t considered before, but it may be just what you need at this point in your life.  Keep an open mind and an open heart."

"I love you."

Now, those in next year's choir are:

Abbott, Kyle
Allen, Clarke
Aramaki, Carli
Arnold, Alexis
Bengtzen, Zak
Berrett, J.J.
Bertola, Bradley
Bracey, Brianna
Branscomb, Lydia
Broekhuijsen, Josh
Call, Blaze
Christensen, Jacen
Clark, Sarah
Coburn, Ryan
Cooper, Travis
Cordner, McKenzie
Corry, Ciara
Dennis, Shay
Dew, Sierra
Frazier, Kelly
George, Tyler
Hansen, Matt
Hanssen, Chase
Harper, Lauren
Hassard, Kaylah
Henscheid, Allison
Heuer, Jacob
Howard, Jonathan
Hyatt, Lindy
Johnson, Lizzy
Jorgensen, Tyson
Kap, Kylie
Knight, Alison
Leavitt, Cameron
Martinez, Ammon
Mortimer, Ashley
Ogden, Sarah
Pace, Sarah
Page, Jodi
Reschke, Jeremy
Rhodes, Erin
Rice, Abram
Richards, Brooke
Story, Ammon
Taylor, Drake
Taylor, Zack
Wood, Brett
Yingling, Abby

Best of luck to all of you who auditioned and I hope that however it turned out that you know how talented you really are.

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