Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ye Olde Madrigal Feaste

The Madrigal Feaste started last night. The performers were exceptional and the singing beautiful. Oh, and the food was good too. They have obviously been working hard to put this together.

Tips for attending the Madrigal Feaste:

1. Tickets must be reserved in advance. Food is ordered according to how many tickets have been reserved. You can pay in the office or the night of the performance(as long as your tickets have been previously reserved).

2. You can bring money for the beggars if you would like to donate. They are willing to do tricks and sing songs for you as you wait in line.

3. Please try to be on time if at all possible. No, wait, we love to see the late-comer antics!

4. Come ready to participate and the evening will be much more enjoyable for all.

5. Men, you may want to start toning up those calves.

Come and enjoy the show!