Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ye Olde Madrigal Feaste

The Madrigal Feaste started last night. The performers were exceptional and the singing beautiful. Oh, and the food was good too. They have obviously been working hard to put this together.

Tips for attending the Madrigal Feaste:

1. Tickets must be reserved in advance. Food is ordered according to how many tickets have been reserved. You can pay in the office or the night of the performance(as long as your tickets have been previously reserved).

2. You can bring money for the beggars if you would like to donate. They are willing to do tricks and sing songs for you as you wait in line.

3. Please try to be on time if at all possible. No, wait, we love to see the late-comer antics!

4. Come ready to participate and the evening will be much more enjoyable for all.

5. Men, you may want to start toning up those calves.

Come and enjoy the show!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fundraising for Choir Tours

The A Cappella Choir and Chamber Singers will have the opportunity to participate in a fundraiser beginning the first week of November in conjunction with Scott Hancock Photography.  They will be selling vouchers for $20 that include a portrait sitting for an 8 X 10 photo.  $15 of the $20 will go directly to the choir student to help pay for their choir tours.  This is a great opportunity for the students to earn money toward choir tour and we hope you will support them!

Payments for Choir Tours

The following dates are for payments for choir tours this year.

A Cappella Choir Tour:
    October 28            $150 and Consent and Authorization Form
    November 18        $100
    December 16         $100
    January 13, 2012   $100
    February 10           $100

Chamber Singers Tour:
    October 28             $340 + Parent Permission/Health Slip
    November18          $350
    December 16         $350
    January 13, 2012   $350
    February 10           balance due ($200 from package + theater tickets + extra night)

Payments can be made either on or at the LPHS Financial office. Do not use both.

You can find out the amounts earned in fundraiser by emailing Ms. J directly at

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chamber Choir Yard Sale

The weather held off and allowed the Chamber Choir to hold their annual yard sale. The kids collected a lot of stuff to sell and there was a good crowd throughout the morning. We hope that this event and other fund raising events will help defray the costs associated with tour.

Hopefully everyone will enjoy their new stuff!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

What a wonderful choir performance last night. Those in attendance participated in an inspiring evening commemorating the events on 9/11/2001.

The choirs learned their pieces very quickly and "got it" according to Mama J. The music conveyed the emotion to the audience and they all were moved.

Thanks to all who participated!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Welcome Choirs!

Welcome to Lone Peak or welcome back! We're excited that you've chosen to sing in one of the choirs and hope that you enjoy this year as you learn your songs and perform at the many concerts. This blog is set up to help you know what's going on with the choirs. We have information about each choir and have the dates of all of the performances. We've also put in the names of the parent support board. Feel free to call any of them if you have questions about an upcoming concert or activity.

You might want to follow this site so that you'll receive any new announcements when they're made.

You're first assignment is to email the LPHS Choirs with your email address, name, choir, and cell phone (optional). The address is Once we get your email we'll let Mrs. Johnson know that you've sent it. Mama J. has asked us to help her get this information so that we can contact you with any choir news.

Good luck this year!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Choir Board Meeting - June 22, 2011

For all of you on the Choir Board there is a meeting on Wednesday June 22, 2011 at 8:00 pm in the LPHS Choir room.

For past members, please Email Jocelyn all of the information about your particular area of board responsibilities this year ASAP.  We are putting together a "Handbook" of sorts to provide an on-going reference book for future boards.  It will be a work in progress for a few years until all the bugs are worked out, but we think we have a pretty good core to start with.  Please let us know what worked as well as what didn't work in the assignments you were given this year.  All of that information will be placed in this "pilot" handbook.  There is no need to re-invent the wheel if it is already effective;  So, to save future boards time and effort rethinking the process, we would like to hear from the experts and get it down in print.  That would be you!  Please list all of the activities that you helped with and what you did so a realistic description of each event can be recorded.  If you had parents help you - let me know how many you used for each event.  That will be very beneficial to future board chairs!

If this is all done prior to this board meeting, then we can transition the board a little smoother.  We know many of you are staying on, but this will be a chance for the new board members to meet all of you as well - so please come!  Again, we will try to keep this meeting to 1 hour.

Thanks for your support!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chamber Choir Parent Meeting - June 1, 2011

Attention all Chamber Choir members and your parents. There is a parent meeting on June 1, 2011 at 6:00 pm in the LPHS Choir room. In the meeting you'll learn all that you ever wanted to know about choir; summer activities, tour costs and fundraising, concert dates, Madrigal Feast, outfits, and a lot of other information.

This year we are planning a fund raiser in the summer to get started on getting you ready to go for tour.

So, please tell your parents and come at 6:00 pm.

See you there!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chamber Choir 2011-12 Selected!!

Next year's Chamber Choir has been decided. After a long, difficult process Mama J. selected next year's choir.

Thanks to all that tried out! There is amazing talent here at Lone Peak and we hope that all of you keep singing and find the joy that comes through music.

To see the list check out the Chamber Choir page.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chamber Choir 2011-2012

Symptoms of a potential Chamber Choir member:
   1. Nails worn down from worrying.
   2. Bruised from the tossing and turning at night.
   3. Grades in a tailspin because you can't focus.
   4. "Don't talk to me" attitude negatively impacting your relationships.

Sound familiar? Breathe with me, long and slow.

It's coming. The list.

THE list.

Mama J. is having such a hard time deciding between all of the FAB U LOUS voices that we need just a teensy bit longer.

Here's our promise:
Check back Wednesday morning. It will be posted. Take it to the bank.

Good luck!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

2011 A Cappella Tour Itinerary

Lone Peak High School
A Cappella Choir Tour
San Francisco, California
March 30-April 4, 2011

Wed Mar. 30
6:30 pm- meet at Lone Peak High School to load buses
7:30 pm- leave Lone Peak
Change drivers en route

Thu. Mar 31
Breakfast and lunch on own
Breakfast en route

10:00 am- Arrive @ Fisherman’s Wharf
In chaperoned groups ALL DAY
Alcatraz tours begin at 11:00 (3 groups)
Explore Fisherman’s Wharf area, Pier 39

Walk to hotel in chaperoned groups
Check in to hotel between 4:30 and 5:00pm

Hotel: Radisson Hotel @ Fisherman’s Wharf
250 Beach St.
San Francisco, CA

7:00 pm- Dinner at the Cathay House in Chinatown in chaperoned groups via cable car)
Cathay House
718 California St.
San Francisco, CA 94102
9:00 pm- Return to hotel (by bus?)

Fri. Apr. 1
All meals on own
9:00 am- Leave hotel for Palo Alto- Stanford University
10:30 am- Clinic at @Campbell Recital Hall in the Braun Music Building, Stanford University
lunch in Palo Alto
return to San Francisco
afternoon free

6:30 pm- bus transport to St. Ignatius Church
St. Ignatius Church
650 Parker Ave.
San Francisco, CA

7:00 pm- Combined Choir Rehearsal

8:00 pm- bus pick up to transport to hotel

Sat. Apr. 2
All meals on own
Morning rehearsal at hotel
Afternoon Festival performance (perform and listen to other choirs)
St. Ignatius Church
650 Parker Ave.
San Francisco, CA

6:00 pm- boys (Priesthood meeting, for those who desire to go)
LDS Church
1900 Pacific Ave.
San Francisco, CA

Girls (hotel activity, other possibilities. . .)

8:00 pm- Pizza, pop at hotel for everyone

Sun. Apr. 3
All meals on own
Church (Gen. Conference) near the Oakland LDS Temple (for those who desire)
Visit Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, Academy of Sciences, etc.

3:00 pm- Afternoon rehearsal at St. Ignatius Church

8:00 pm- Evening concert at St. Ignatius Church
Return to hotel

Mon. Apr. 4
Breakfast and lunch on own
Check out of hotel

6:00 am- Leave for Utah
Lunch en route (Reno?)

Arrive at LPHS by 9:00 pm

Mandatory Choir Chaperone Meeting

On March 24th at 7:00 pm in the A Cappella room there will be a mandatory adult chaperone meeting to review the schedule, expectations and details of the upcoming A Cappella tour.

Before the meeting please complete your background check. To do this, take your photo ID to the main office at the High School and tell them that you will be an adult chaperone on the choir tour and that you need them to conduct your background check.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Photo Contest at Tour!

Members of the Chamber Choir will be challenged to see who can take the best photos of New York City. The winner will receive an amazing prize that will remind them of their memorable trip to the Big Apple.

So, parents and kids. Get your cameras, your creativity, and your eagle eyes and see who can win!

Good Luck!

Tour Is Finally Here!

The time has finally arrived. The Chamber Choir leaves February 23rd, 2011 for New York City. The itinerary is set and they will have a full five days touring the city, performing at the Assisted Living Center and singing in Carnegie Hall, one of the most famous concert halls in America!

The choir members are to meet at the school packed and ready to go at 7:00 pm on the 23rd. Their flying Delta Flt #1002 that leaves at 11:45 pm and arrives in New York City at 6:09 am. While in New York they'll stay at the Sheraton New York on 7th Avenue and 53rd Street (212) 581-1000.

Hopefully they'll get some sleep on the plane because on Thursday they'll have some time to tour the city. Some of their plans are to
1. Perform baptisms in the Manhattan LDS Temple
2. Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art
3. Shop
4. Tour Central Park

In the afternoon they'll sing at the Sunrise Assisted Living Center in the Bronx. After returning many will go see a broadway play.

On Friday they'll visit the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Ground Zero in the morning and early afternoon. Later they'll have their first group practice with the choirs that will sing at Carnegie Hall.

That evening they'll all go to see the play Lion King.

On Saturday they'll have rehearsals most of the day and then have some time in the evening to go to another play or go exploring in the city (chaperoned of course).

On Sunday they'll go to the Young Single Adult ward in Manhattan and then rehearse and prepare for their concert. They sing at 8:30 at Carnegie Hall. After singing everyone may get to go to the Carnegie Deli, a deli with a lot of history and amazing food.

On Monday they get one more chance to go see the city, shop and tour New York City and then will fly home. Their flight is Delta #95. It leaves at 3:45 pm EST and arrives in Salt Lake City at 7:24 pm. They should arrive at Lone Peak High School around 9:00 where they will fall asleep from exhaustion and joy at seeing their families again.

Variety Show a Smashing Success!

The talent at the Variety Show was amazing! From the opening dance number by the ballroom dance team to Samantha Bunderson's piano solo the night was filled with awesome performances. Highlights included amazing vocal solos, musical numbers and a Napolean Dynamite dance performed by the Reusch brothers.

The last few numbers were performed by the Chamber Choir as they sang the songs that they'll sing in Carnegie Hall on Sunday, February 27th. They'll do great!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Variety Show Tonight at 8:00 pm @ LPHS

Tonight is the Variety Show at LPHS where several students will show off their musical and non-musical talents. The Chamber Choir will also debut 5 of the songs they'll be singing on their New York City tour to Carnegie Hall.

It starts at 8:00 pm so come prepared to laugh, sing, and enjoy the talents of these wonderful choir students.

The price is $5 for student, $7 adults and $25 for a family. There will be tickets available at the door but these will not go towards students choir trip.

Hope to see you there!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Chamber Tour Parent Meeting 1/26/2011

Chaperones and Fan Club Parents,

We are having an important meeting for those who will be going to New York with the Chamber choir as either chaperones or fan club parents.

The meeting details are:

Date: January 26th, 2011
Location: LPHS Choir Room
Time: 8:00 pm
Duration: 1 hour

At the meeting Lois will outline the schedule, activities and expectations for both the choir members and the parents. We will also gather important information from the parents and coordinate schedules.

Tour will be a great experience for all, especially if the parents are able to support their children and the choir to make sure that everything possible runs smoothly.

Hope to see you there!